Buddhist Studies- Matteson

February 2nd—March 30th

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    The Buddha’s fundamental insights into human existence became the foundation for generations of practitioners of the Buddhist path, and a source of inspiration for many others, up to the present day.

    Matteson Shambhala meditation group is offering a 2-month study group exploring in greater depth The Four Noble Truths and their application to our lives, with readings from renowned Buddhist teachers of the past and present, along with meditation and discussion.  Below are the meeting dates and times:

    Saturday, February 2nd     5:00pm - 1st Noble Truth - Tim & Karen's House
    Saturday, February 16th    5:00pm - 2nd Noble Truth
    Saturday, March 2nd         5:00pm - 3rd Noble Truth
    Monday, March 18th          6:00pm - 4th Noble Truth
    Saturday, March 30th        5:00pm - Wrap up of the Four Noble Truths

    All are welcomed regardless of experience level or participation in any prior program. Feel free to bring food and non-alcoholic beverages for a relaxed and community-based salon. Come for one or all sessions.

    The discussion will begin 1/2 hour after the meeting start time.  You are welcome to use any source you wish for your study of the four noble truths.  

    Since the groups will be held at different individuals homes, please e-mail group coordinators for information on where the group is meeting.

    Group Coordinators:          Tim Pedigo:  [email protected]
                                           Elaine Martin:   [email protected] 

    Donations welcomed