Shambhala Day

February 25th

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    You are invited to join the Matteson Shambhala Meditation Group as we celebrate Shambhala Day.  Together, we will enter the New Year of the Iron Mouse and welcome its qualities of adaptability, cleverness, and contentment.  The mouse is the first symbol in the Asian astrological cycle, and is therefore associated with newness and beginnings.

    There will be a video transmission from Shambhala International including an address, with a program and speakers to be confirmed. The aspiration is to offer a broadcast event that feels genuine, relevant, and nourishing. As such, there will be a worldwide practice, video messages, representing the heart of our culture during the broadcast. We’ll share more details as they come together.......and we hope to see you!

    NOTE:  The program begins at 5:30 pm on our regular Tuesday night open house...a half hour earlier than usual.  The evening's approximate schedule will be:
    5:30 - Meditation
    6:15 - Dinner (provided by the Matteson Shambhala Group)
    6:45 - Shambhala Day Video
    8:00 - program ends