Buddhist Study Group

February 16th

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    Welcome to the next course of study on the Buddhist path, the Mahayana…...The path that awakens the heart.  In the coming year the Matteson Shambhala meditation group will be studying in depth this great vehicle or path.  The Mahayana begins with the discovery of “bodhichitta”, the heart or mind of awakening. Bodhi means awake, and chitta means heart, or mind; so Bodhichitta means “awakened heart”.
    We will be using various study sources throughout the year.  One of the main texts we will be using are the Lojong slogans from  “Training the Mind and Cultivating Loving-Kindness” by Chogyam Trungpa.  You are welcome to purchase this book now as we will be using it throughout the year and it’s relatively inexpensive, about $12 paperback version.  We will also be studying the six paramita’s, the four reminders and various other teachings that inspire us to live in this world with more sanity and less passion and aggression.  
    You will be receiving further details about our first meeting, what we will be studying and where we will be meeting.  So stay tuned!